Under Goodell, It's the N-WTF-L

Published on 15-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Under Goodell, It's the N-WTF-L

Since the days of Marie Antoinette, there's only a handful of legally sane public figures who've been as oblivious to the public as Roger Goodell.

Czar Nicholas II of Russia would be one, and that citizenry decided it'd be better to give Soviet communism a try than to keep on keeping on.

Ominous. But Goodell continues to let the farce be with him.

Dorkly .GIF of the Day: May the Schwartz be with you.
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Now, in the only feasible extension of the mountain created out of a molehill known as Ballghazi, The Commish has decided that he's the natural choice to hear Tom Brady's appeal of the four-game suspension -- plus the other stuff -- that The Commish levied hizzownself.

In this world, that last dude's line could just as well be spoken by Jeffrey Kessler. He's high-octane, and he considers legal action against the buffoons who run sporting enterprises to be low-hanging fruit. He'll be in his element with this case.

Peter King tweet re Kessler

Actually, the list of flaws goes even longer than that. Odds are this entire joke will end up in court, and soon thereafter, a duly chastened Brady will likely be chucking well-monitored footballs to his receivers busily evading Pittsburgh Steeler defenders on opening week.

By then, Goodell and his damn Shield will be back to doing what they do best, bilking the paying public in ways both creative -- keeping most of the dosh they raise for breast cancer, charging for patriotism, etc -- and blunt, like shifting a profitable franchise to a market that could be more profitable.

The ultimate irony -- and that's about all sports is about anymore -- is that while Goodell & Cronies rarely act as if the outside world even exists, the only way for Joe Public to enjoy this league is to act as if The Shield itself doesn't exist.

RIP, dude.