Spurs Pull a Champions League Point outta Real Madrid
19-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
The Bernabéu doesn't give them easily.

Manchester City's Crushing It in the Champions, Too
19-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Review
Dudes are blue-hot right now.

Chelsea Gets Whacked at the Palace
19-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Review
They must've let their royal guard down.

UEFA's Runner-Up Draw: Sweden Gets Short Straw
17-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
Some would argue the Swiss were the team to avoid, not Italy.

Arsenal Surprised by Watford
16-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
The Gunners got gunned down.

Memo to USA Soccer: The Time for Smugness Is Long Gone
12-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Opinion
The Good Ol' Boys aren't good enough.


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