Cabbie Takes Chilean Sportswriter for a $900 Ride in Moscow
18-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
Not the one in Idaho. The one in Russia, where scams happen.

Will Ronaldo Really Take His Taxes Back to Man Utd?
17-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
And would he really consider the China Super League?

Bradley's Bomb Nets USA a Precious Hex Point in Mexico
12-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
Was that a goal or a drone strike?

It Was Sweden's Week for Empty-Net Goals
11-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Review
Space, the Finals frontier.

Millwall 1 Terrorists 0
08-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
It's yobbo power as a force for good.

Real Madrid Makes Champions League History
05-Jun-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Update
Seems like the only way for the trophy to leave Catalonia is to rent it out.


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