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NCAA Week 7: Good Snark, Bad Snark
16-Oct-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Review
Special teams weren't so special.

Mike Leach Has a Plan for the College Football Playoffs
13-Oct-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Review
Nothing new, but it sounds so much better when he says it.

NCAA Week 6: Good Snark, Bad Snark
09-Oct-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Review
Just when it seemed Division I needed a realignment, they had a shake-up.

The Mariners Are Anti-Plethora
06-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Bummer. That's one area where they could stand to be equal-opportunity.

Penguins' Cup Defense Off to a Slow Start
06-Oct-2017   NHL / NHL Daily Review
Actually, their entire defense is off to a slow start.

Germany, England Qualify for World Cup 2018
06-Oct-2017   Soccer / Soccer Daily Review
For all intents and purposes, this just made it official.


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