MLB Daily Review

The Mariners Are Anti-Plethora
06-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Bummer. That's one area where they could stand to be equal-opportunity.

Tigers' Andrew Romine Now Knows All Nine Positions
01-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
His wife must be so happy.

Cubs' Lackey Ejected in the Middle of a Play
16-Sep-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Who knew that was possible?

Pirates Closer Returns to Haunt Pirates
10-Sep-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Talk about a move that backfired ...

Trevor Bauer Would Like You to Please Sit Down
06-Sep-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
The Tribe righty will not be spoken to in that fashion.

Tigers Roster Is Now a Justin-Free Zone
02-Sep-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
For the Astros, Angels, and Cubs, it was Justin Time.


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