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Chris Christie Publicly Trash Talks Eli Manning
24-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Update
Hypocrisy for the win.

Gronk Parties at the White House
24-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Review
The era of big government has returned.

CBS Banishes Phil Simms to the Studio
22-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Update
He gets the boot; Romo gets the booth.

Peyton Manning for the Omaha Tourism Bureau
22-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Review
The future Hall of Fame QB welcomes you to lovely Nebraska.

NFL's 2017 Schedule Sticks It to the LA Chargers
20-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Update
Dean Spanos' new team mascot should be Sideshow Bob.

NFL Slams Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship
11-Apr-2017   Football - NFL / NFL Daily Update
The venue just happened to be a Las Vegas casino.


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Marshawn Lynch gets Charles Woodson’s blessing to wear No. 24
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Jed York: Not getting to Super Bowl without ‘superstar quarterback’
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Jake Butt was sent a ton of toilet paper in hilarious sponsorship “prank”
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