Are the Blue Jays Moving Joey Bats?
25-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
TO'd love to flip him for a prospect or two.

The Astros Lay Carlos Beltran's Glove to Rest
24-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
The outfield was tastefully appointed for the funeral.

Nelson Cruz Pulls the Old Fake Mound Charge
22-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
That's usually as violent as basebrawls get, anyway.

Sammy Sosa Morphs into the Pink Panther
22-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
The transformation is complete.

This Week in Professional Athlete Übering
20-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Gettin' their kicks on ... I-40. Damn modern times.

Jackie Bradley Jr Steals from Aaron Judge on Live TV
19-Jul-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Review
Insert legal pun here.


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