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NLCS: Turner Walkoff Dinger Puts Dodgers Two Games Up
16-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
Cubs closer Wade Davis had a perfect view of it from the bullpen.

NLCS: Dodgers Ride the Wild Horse to Victory in Game 1
15-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
Yasiel Puig has found his stride.

ALCS: All Verlander, All the Time 'til the Astros Walk Off
15-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
Dude's now 8-0 as a 'Stro.

ALCS: Tanaka Superb, Keuchel Superber; Astros Take Game 1
14-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
Someone shoulda dropped the landing gear quicker.

NLDS: Groundhog Day for the Nats As Chicago Wins Game 5
13-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
The mantel of Cubness has now been passed to the Nats.

ALDS: Didi Goes Deep Twice; CC Quiets Tribe; Yanks Advance
12-Oct-2017   MLB / MLB Daily Update
Not bad after an 0-2 start,and no replay requests required.


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