MLB Daily Stake

The Shot Dude: One Liners
12-Jun-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
They're hot and coming right at you.

The Shot Dude: Weekend Party
11-Jun-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
Go deep.

The Shot Dude: Welcome Back
10-Jun-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
Irony: after a vacation, a return to fantasy.

The Shot Dude: Ease-Back Tuesday
31-May-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
Play ball.

The Shot Dude: Holiday Mishmash
30-May-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
Hoping for bombs bursting in air.

The Shot Dude: Parade of Hitters
29-May-2016   MLB / MLB Daily Stake
And the fantasy points go marching on.


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New York Yankees @ Houston Astros: Home advantage should tell in series decider
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Tue, 10 Oct 2017 11:30:00 +0000

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