Ray Rice Is Good to Go; Roger Goodell Should Just Go

Published on 28-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Ray Rice Is Good to Go; Roger Goodell Should Just Go

Only the NFL could turn wife-smacker Ray Rice into a victim.

But what else can be expected from a league where its commish is a confirmed liar?

Arbitrator -- and former federal judge -- Barbara Jones was given the task of determining whether Roger Goodell's suspension and then double-secret probation suspension of Rice was proper conduct. She reviewed the evidence, heard from the parties involved, and came to what was ultimately an expected conclusion:

Where Rice goes from here is anyone's guess.

Deciding in Rice's favor obviously doesn't condone his actions, and while his wife tried to put the incident into a bizarre perspective, it's accurate to say the former Ravens RB took responsibility for his actions and is making the most of a second chance that didn't involve criminal prosecution.

However, responsibility only applies to Goodell in his godless pursuit of churning even more cash for the 1%ers who own NFL teams. In gratitude, they're his cover. It's the only reason he remains commish, because explaining himself to rational humans is not one of his life skills, for one main reason: