Tom Brady Takes the Ultimate Media Hit

Published on 8-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Tom Brady Takes the Ultimate Media Hit

As if the NFL doesn't have enough problems.

Its socially tone-deaf actions last season didn't exactly enamor its image as a fan-friendly enterprise, and to be frank, it hasn't been for years, now.

Its denial of concussion issues only amplifies the point to the extent that fewer young people are playing the game.

FT charts of the day: Fewer young people are playing American Football. Here's why:

As a result, while baseball gets the knock that its audience is aging, football is having the same issue. Young people are turning away from the NFL in numbers and with such consistency that it cannot be ignored.

So it doesn't help when the Millennials' most popular news source locks in its crosshairs on another of the NFL's festering self-inflicted wounds: