Mark Emmert Is the Illegitimate Child Roger Goodell Shoulda Had

Published on 12-Nov-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Mark Emmert Is the Illegitimate Child Roger Goodell Shoulda Had

It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that, even when you do wrong, you can do no wrong.

For an example of such privilege, look no further than the 1%ers' favorite purveyor of omnipotence for their benefit, that Judge Dredd of NFL justice, Roger Goodell.

Dude's shown that nothing short of axe murder has consequences, and even that's an iffy proposition for bringing him into account.

If only NCAA Prez and designated pin cushion Mark Emmert could figure out how Goodell does it. Of course, that would imply Emmert has a handle on what the NCAA is supposed to be doing right now.

The O'Bannon decision regarding players being compensated for the use of their images for promotional purposes has legally cemented the rationale that college athletes should be paid. Odds of the NCAA winning on appeal are remote.

The Kessler case has the potential to effectively end the NCAA's reason to exist at the Division I level for all but maintaining an eligibility clearinghouse for prospective college athletes.

With each new revelation about the NCAA's tactics in forcing a settlement upon Penn State in the Sandusky case, comparisons with other infamous investigations are inevitable:

Emmert & Co could definitely learn from Goodell how introduce a cozy ex-Fed into the process to give an impression of a balanced investigation. It doesn't matter than nobody's buying Goodell's choice or his spin on the facts. He's still the Commish.

And why criticize Emmert for fiddling while North Carolina's academic reputation for athletes burns? After botching the Penn State fiasco and being deposed today because -- well, just because -- the NCAA is probably cutting its eventual legal losses by remaining in the bunker.

Football and basketball have been out of control at the Division I level ever since universities realized they were magnets for alumni and booster dosh. That they're even more out of control with the influx of mega media money has only amplified how hypocritical the NCAA has become.

Unlike the NFL with Goodell, the NCAA big brands don't need a figurehead while they cram their coffers with cash. Emmert's foibles typify what the ivory towers pretend their athletes are: amateur.

Ironically, it's the one thing he's good at being.