NCAA Football Daily Update

Rutgers Will Turn Their Home Opener into a Bribe-a-Thon
17-Aug-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
May as well turn a projected blowout into a sideshow.

Josh Rosen Goes There: The 'A' in SAT Isn't for Alabama
08-Aug-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
Don't judge a schoolbook by its cover, dude.

Auburn Isn't Winning the Off-Season
27-Jun-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
Now, their mascot's on the DL.

Hawaii Recruits a Fifth-Grade QB; Nevada Gets Even Sillier
25-Jun-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
Great. More time to dose up before anyone thinks of testing.

Corey Sutton's Finally Granted Freedom from Kansas State
05-Jun-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
This disturbingly resembled a hostage crisis.

Air Force Changes Policy on NFL Eligibility in Mid-Draft
01-May-2017   Football - NCAA / NCAA Football Daily Update
The only danger zone graduated cadets will know is a real one.


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