Collegiate Coaches Join Forces to End Homelessness in California

Published on 9-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Collegiate Coaches Join Forces to End Homelessness in California

The Fair Pay to Play Act is now law in the State of California, which is certainly good news if you'd like to see the archaic NCAA amateurism model taken apart brick by exploitative brick.

This development has also stimulated debate on the subject, something that should be positive in theory.

However, it does allow some folks with skin in the game to distract from the larger issue.

And by some folks, we of course are referring to college coaches.


Let's listen to Gonzaga head coach Mark Few talk around the subject:


If Coach Few wants to be taken seriously, perhaps he shouldn't co-op catch-phrases from LaVar Ball.


First of all, if not for this grandstanding politician, nothing would've happened in the first place and we'd still just be talking about this in the abstract.

Also, how exactly is California governor Gavin Newsom supposed to go about figuring out that mess in Mexico, or homelessness for that matter?

In this regard, Few sounds exactly like a politician, as he doesn't seem to be proposing any practical solutions to any issue.


Uncle Mike Leach also took a similar tact, albeit in a much more entertaining fashion:


We literally can't wait to hear Mike Gundy or Nick Saban wax philosophic about this shit.