Looks Like the Real Rose Bowl Will Be in Dallas

Published on 2-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Looks Like the Real Rose Bowl Will Be in Dallas

Call it Grandaddy's revenge.

Turns out the Pac-12 and Big Ten champs will be duking it out this bowl season, after all.

Wonder what it was like in the homes of various TCU Horned Frogs as they viewed Oregon's total and utter destruction of Florida State, putting paid to the merits of an undefeated season being a key factor in bracket invitations?

Who knew Duck OC Scott Frost was the forgotten love child of Maj Buck Turgidson?

Ol' Buck may have been thwarted, but clearly, his spawn finished the job. Frost's play-calling did more than Kissov college football's favorite villains.

All that was missing in Pasadena was a scoreboard screening of Dr Strangelove's signature scene:

Meanwhile, down in Gumbo Central, Ohio State cast aside that albatross known as Virginia Tech and followed its third-string QB, ground-&-pound RB, and steamroller o-line through Alabama's vaunted defense in the heart of SEC country, with the Buckeye D driving home the final daggers to Nick Saban's image as the über-preparer:

As if Urban Meyer wasn't familiar enough with college football's other favorite villain, the one earning $7million per:

Back at Horned Frog Nation, maybe a journey back to 1984 would've foretold their current plight. That's when a lightly-scheduled but undefeated BYU squad beat 6-5 Michigan in the Holiday Bowl and aced out one-loss Washington for the national title. All the Huskies did was bounce the No 2 Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl.

That undefeated label as a VIP pass will never go the way of the dodo bird, so the next best thing is to expand the playoffs. TCU can only hope it happens sooner rather than later. Maybe now, after Oregon's scorched-earth demonstration, it will.

But first, the Ducks and Buckeyes have a traditional bowl game to play. It's just 12 days late and in the wrong stadium.

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