Dammit, Noles, Lose Already!

Published on 29-Sep-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Dammit, Noles, Lose Already!

Is it just me or am I in line with the rest of the country?

Are we all waiting for Florida State's fall from grace?

Or has that already happened?

After falling behind early to North Carolina State, Famous Jameis and the Noles made a comeback. Some fans -- OK, Noles fans -- thought a come-from-behind victory on the road was an achievement. The rest of us in this case, not so much.

I get that Florida State hasn't lost a game, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I think I speak for a sizable chunk of the college football world when I say it's time for them to stop torturing us and lose.

We're tired of hearing about Jameis Winston, the 20-game winning streak, and winning ugly. Winston's done his bit for embarrassing the university into actually looking into possible rape incidents involving its students. Not to mention publicizingt the fine dining option that free handsful of crab can provide.

These munchkins ran a trick play called the Ugly Kardashian. Why they didn't call it Jameis leaving Publix will be a mystery for the ages.

Lose already! Florida State isn't the best team in the country, proving last Saturday that even with Jameis Winston, this is not the same juggernaut as last year. In fact, naught is the operative syllable for the Seminoles in 2014.

And yet, the Noles may be able to skate by until the playoffs. Other than Nôtre Dame, there's not really much resistance on the rest of their schedule. Boston College, you say? The squad that upended USC? Well, it's also the outfit that fell to the mighty Rams of Colorado State, who made their farthest-ever journey East to do it.

Nole killers. Yeah right. Maybe the Golden Eagles will have better biorhythms on Sat 22 Nov. Then again, biorhythms don't seem to travel well to Tallahassee.

At Louisville on the night before Halloween? Teddy graduated and Charlie's hookin' Horns left and right these days. Maybe an in-state rival's adrenaline rush on the day when Miami and Florida take their shots? Well, that's the glory of sport. It's just not the glory of a return visit to the ticket window in Vegas.

Other than the Fighting Irish, then, it seems all that's standing between Florida State and the playoffs is college football's wonderful unpredicatability. And that large chunk of the college football world is really hoping for a rash of wonderful to break out in the South.


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