Saban Signs Extension, Brown Still at Texas

Published on 13-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Saban Signs Extension, Brown Still at Texas

The University of Alabama has finally confirmed that Nick Saban signed his contract extension to continue as the Crimson Tidehead coach.

Details of the contract have not been released, but sources indicate Saban has become college football's first $7million man. 

Saban has been saying for months -- and has told current and future players -- that he had no intention of leaving Tuscaloosa for Austin. I guess University of Texas fans and media will believe him now.

Speaking of Austin, Mack Brown is still the head coach of Texas. Not surprisingly, the seemingly endless string of reports finally got to him; he reportedly was ready to resign but became agitated to the point of pushing back as the latest barrage of RIP notices appeared everywhere he looked. That turn of events had him going into the meeting about his future full of the Old Ned, fighting for his job instead of preparing to diplomatically step aside.

Brown still has influential supporters, such as former San Antonio Spurs owner and continuing billionaire Red McCombs. The crafty coach didn't stay at such a high profile job as Texas without gaining a few political chits here and there in his 16-year reign, and he surely spent part of his week calling them in. As a result, there are now reports that the Texas administration is now planning on giving Brown for one more year.

Yeah, like that is going to go over well with Longhorn fans who had their hearts set on getting Saban.

Here's my theory: Texas made a final run at Saban. This would explain the contract extension paperwork remaining on his desk unsigned for a while, which made Alabama brass uncomfortable. His agent, Jimmy Sexton, was probably working the back room in Austin to determine with 'unofficial' parties the best deal they could 'recommend' be offered. When Saban reviewed the options, he finally formalized his intention to stay at Bama.

Texas didn't have any other imminent candidates -- Art Briles? Not interested. Kevin Sumlin? Ditto. Jim Harbaugh? Dream on -- and decided to listen to Brown and his crowd.

Brown's drama in Austin isn't over yet. He could still be co-opted into resigning or be flat-out fired by Texas.

What is certain is Alabama is now 2-0 against the University of Texas in recent times. They beat them in 2009 and now in 2013.