Herbstreit: No Way Saban Leaves

Published on 11-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Herbstreit: No Way Saban Leaves

As fans of Texas and Alabama await a decision by Nick Saban about his future, one person thinks he knows what Saban will decide.

That would be former Ohio State Buckeye and current ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herstreit. He doesn't believe Saban will be leaving Tuscaloosa anytime soon.

Herbstreit made these comments to a Dallas morning radio show Wednesday morning:

“Just scratch Nick Saban from the list. Immediately scratch that, and then go from there ...

“There’s no chance. No chance of that happening. Nick Saban will work TV sitting next to us on our set before he’ll be the head coach at Texas … He’ll be at Alabama for another five years, and then he’ll be working TV after that … I know Nick Saban better than anybody. It’s not going to happen.”

Those are strong comments from Herbstreit, the strongest I've heard from anyone on this situation. 

But it's still strange that Saban -- to this point -- has yet to sign his new contract with Alabama. This either says he's holding out for more money or he is seriously thinking about leaving.

Or he simply likes the drama and the attention. It's one way to get the last-second loss to Auburn off his mind, not to mention any criticism he's heard as a result of his decisions then.

Saban has said several times over the past few months that he wasn't going anywhere. His wife has backed that up.

But until he signs that contract, every Alabama fan will be on edge, and every Texas fan will continue to have hope.

Or, should we say, dream?

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