ESPN Generously Shares Jen Bielema with a Grateful Viewing Audience

Published on 15-Nov-2015 by Raoul Duke

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ESPN Generously Shares Jen Bielema with a Grateful Viewing Audience

The Arkansas Razorbacks had a pleasant night in Death Valley on Saturday, beating down LSU 31-14 in surprisingly easy fashion.

And thanks to some extremely thorough ESPN camera work, the sports viewing world a pretty good idea as to how Jen Bielema felt about the evening.

Early in the game, we were afforded a random glimpse into the Razorbacks' luxury suite, where the camera located only two occupants, the lovely Jen and the far less attractive Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long.

Never mind the many empty seats in the box and the fabulous waste of space this appears to represent. We should be far more concerned with Jen’s seemingly foul mood.

I don't presume to be an expert on women by any means, but she doesn't seem particularly happy.

Jen Bielema and Jeff Long

However, later in the game, the mood in the suite appeared to improve significantly, and Jen even made her way down to the sideline, even though play-by-play man Brad Nessler helpfully reminded us that Jen usually avoids such an act in an effort to not jinx the team.

There are countless examples of this sort of creative camera work. Perhaps you'll recall Brent Musburger and his dirty old man routine directed at AJ McCarren’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb. She certainly got plenty of mileage out of this exposure.

If you've ever watched even part of a Dallas Cowboy game, you are no doubt familiar with the various networks' propensity for giving owner Jerry Jones an inordinate amount of airtime.

Frankly, it's probable most of the TV audience could do without watching that spotlight hunter react to a Dez Bryant touchdown or Greg Hardy sack. I also don’t wish to watch obscenely wealthy people take in a sporting event, or awkward Republican embraces.

Anyway, it's heartwarming everything worked out for the Bielema’s this past week. There's been no word on what the couple had scheduled for the LSU post-game, but we can only hope their plans included an airplane and a Freudian slip.

Ah, good times.


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