Still America's Team?

Published on 4-Sep-2015 by Steve Smith

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Still America's Team?

The Dallas Cowboys are still considered America's Team, much to the chagrin of New York Yankees and New England Patriots fans.

Through their ups and downs, the 'Boys remain the focal point of sports media outlets.

I mean, when you have an intolerable authority figure who just loves the attention -- think Jerry Jones will ever run for President? -- you will always have a magnifying glass zeroing in on you and your every move.

The cavalcade of headlines shows no sign of abating:

  • What adventures await Mr Tony Romo and his squad of Cowboys this season?
  • Will the Dez Bryant saga of kung fu'ing his teammates continue?
  • Will the departure of DeMarco Murray be a bigger problem than child obesity is for America?
  • Will Romo suffer yet another heartbreaking season with an under-performing franchise that causes Terrell Owens to come back into the spotlight with a teary-eyed breakdown?

Another burning question revolves around DeMarco Murray's replacement, the young Joseph Randle.

A Cowboy of sorts since his college days at Oklahoma State, does Randle really have it in his blood to take this Cowboys' offense deep into the playofffs?

Or will he just be that weird guy who wants to steal everyone's underwear in the process?

Joseph Randle Steals

Gotta admit, though, dude's one-up on the gnomes.

First up for our heroes when the bell rings will be the allegedly improved New York Giants.

Hopefully, the headlines will be confined to on-field action and not Jerry Jones, who might very well be the main reason why America's Team is always one dumb moment away from America's Trainwreck.

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