Ovechkin Snipes His 700th NHL Goal

Published on 22-Feb-2020 by J Square Humboldt

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Ovechkin Snipes His 700th NHL Goal

There's the Great One and the Great 8, destined to be Nos 1-2 all-time in the NHL's career goals list.

Or maybe Nos 2-1.

Assuming Alexander Ovechkin's health remains excellent, he's on track to catch or surpass Wayne Gretzky and his 894-goal total within five seasons.

Health's a consideration because being the Crushin' Russian could ultimately take its toll.


It definitely wasn't an issue tonight.

Ovie mixed it up a bit in the New Jersey Devils' crease tonight before backgliding to the right circle and one-timing a perfect dime from countryman Evgeny Kuznetsov to join seven other hockey immortals by racking up his 700th NHL goal:


Capitals fans and hockey fans in general celebrated this historical moment.

As they're often wont to do, Russians were coming outta nowhere to express their joy.


The last player to notch 700 goals was Jaromír Jágr, who got there in 2014, his 20th NHL season.

Ovie's in his 15th campaign. It took him 1,144 games to reach this level, becoming the NHL's second-fastest to do so. Gretzky did it in 866 games. Do note, though, that even he admits Ovechkin's operating in a more challenging environment:


That said, at age 34, Ovechkin's impressively well on his way to another 50-goal season.

With 20 games left, he's already scored 42.


Elite skills, electric intensity, and a pure joy of playing the game probably figure prominently into it.

All aspects of the game, too.

Dude gets as much of a rush outta being the Crushin' Russian as he does in being one of the best snipers of of all time.


There aren't many ifs left as to whether he'll do it.

Whether or not this is a more challenging era in the NHL, dude's odds-on.