Gritty Has Now Infiltrated the Video Game World

Published on 29-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Gritty Has Now Infiltrated the Video Game World

Since we're currently in the midst of the NHL off-season, we tend not to give the sport much thought.

However, this is exactly what Gritty wants.

While we occupy ourselves with other activities, a certain furry menace may be plotting against us.

You see, the terrifying Philadelphia Flyers' mascot has methodically established trust and a foothold in popular culture, luring the masses into a false sense of security with those hypnotic googly eyes.


But we should know better.

The most recent sign of the apocalypse would be the inclusion of Gritty in the popular EA Sports NHL 20 video game, a development that places him inside our homes with access to our children.

And if history is any guide, that's really not a good idea.


Not only were the adults complicit, they were even laughing.

Anyway, here's a quick peek at NHL 20:


While Gritty isn't prominently featured, the deviant mascot is still in there, and that's not good.


Yep, that's him all right.

This diabolical scheme is similar to his foray into politics, which was nothing more than a Trojan Horse candidacy. 


The winning of hearts and minds, followed by our very souls.