The Jets Have Inexplicably Given Adam Gase Even More Power

Published on 19-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Jets Have Inexplicably Given Adam Gase Even More Power

There's absolutely such a thing as failing upwards.

We know this because brand new Jets head coach Adam Gase has assumed GM duties with the team, albeit on an interim basis.

As such, the dude who ran the Miami Dolphins into the ground will be tasked with selecting the new GM, a process that will likely consist of Gase and his crazy eyes darting wildly over a stack of résumés until he finds a candidate that makes him the least paranoid.

So after terrifying local media during his introductory press conference back in January, it seems that Gase has now done the same to the entire organization.


That taco has reportedly filed a restraining order against our troubled friend.

Apparently, the dysfunction has reached dangerously high levels at Jets headquarters, with reports detailing a bizarre power struggle between Gase and now former GM Mike Maccagnan.

By all indications, the head coach appears to have won this death match by simply allowing Maccagnan to hang himself, a process that included Gase strategically distancing himself from the draft and literally removing himself from camera view in the Jets' draft war room.


Of course, some of this could have been avoided by simply firing Maccagnan after the season and bringing in a new GM to conduct the coaching search, which is what many in the building wanted to do, anyway.

However, this approach would have required at least one person in the organization to be even remotely competent, so sadly, it was not to be.


The long-suffering group of masochists who publicly align with the Jets are predictably in a tizzy over these developments.

Here's ESPN talking head and Jets superfan Mike Greenberg with an unhinged rant on the subject.


Sadly, every single word he choked out is 100% correct.

While this viable contender for worst professional sports franchise in New York has put Gase in an awkward position, our original point still stands.

Adam Gase went 23-25 in three non-descript seasons in Miami, and has been immediately rewarded with a new head coaching gig and the power to shape an entire franchise, although inadvertently. 


Gase should be comfortable with the graphic imagery.