Flyers' Grotesque New Mascot Enters the World of Politics

Published on 12-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Flyers' Grotesque New Mascot Enters the World of Politics

The unveiling of Gritty a few months back was met with much scorn and derision.

The Philadelphia Flyers' delightfully bizarre new mascot has instantly become a polarizing figure in the NHL, particularly in Pittsburgh, where Gritty is considered a pestilence.

While this horrific creature is already quite busy with the mascoting and menacing of small children, it appears he'll be tossing his bright orange fur into the political ring.


Apparently, Griity's unusual message is resonating with the people, particularly in New Jersey.

Our creepy hero received a number of write-in votes for a variety of positions, including the office of county sheriff.

But the Gritty movement isn't just confined to New Jersey.


Oh, it's very real.

In these uncertain times, we need Gritty now more than ever, as those googly eyes are laser-focused on the issues of the day.


While Griity is clearly prone to violence, he is also as adept at coalition building as he is triggering restraining orders.

Welcome to the revolution.