The Legend of Gritty Takes a Dark and Confusing Turn

Published on 23-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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The Legend of Gritty Takes a Dark and Confusing Turn

Some mascots just seem to court controversy.

Such is the case with Griity, the Philadelphia Flyers' polarizing new bundle of furry anxiety.

You may recall his recent foray into politics, which was met with surprising enthusiasm on the East Coast.

But now some disturbing revelations have come to light, specifically in regard to Griity's peculiar anatomy.


Obviously, that would present a number of issues.

However, Gritty doesn't necessarily have a misplaced body part.

It's really more of an unidentified one.

Maybe our dear readers can figure this shit out:


As you can see, everyone's having a good time on the ice while the kids are taking turns beating the crap out of Griity.

But the fun ended immediately after that interview began.


That's precisely what parents and local authorities would like to know.

We can only assume that the purple obtrusion is in fact Griity's navel, because the alternatives are just too horrible to contemplate.

For whatever reason, Gritty decided to wait until the interview to expose the purple mystery and apparently tickle it while standing directly behind the frightened child.


Perhaps it's best if we just drop the whole thing.

It's difficult to sleep with the knowledge that those googly eyes are probably watching you from a distance.