Kawhi Leonard Scours His CPU for Dunk Explanation Program

Published on 24-Nov-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Kawhi Leonard Scours His CPU for Dunk Explanation Program

Obviously, Kawhi Leonard is a highly sophisticated robot who's been living among us for some time now.

We've more or less grown comfortable in his presence, even though dude's still comically awkward around actual human beings.

Recently, the well rested Clipper and reigning Finals MVP did some truly dastardly things on the court against the Celtics during a 107-104 OT home win.

As usual, his comfort level on the floor was diametrically opposed to his general discomfort in front of a live microphone.


We'll begin with this really sick dunk that may have permanently altered the genetic makeup of Boston center Daniel Theis:


If the deranged Steve Ballmer isn't careful, he could be next.

Anyway, Kawhi was asked to break down this particular play afterwards, and managed to do so in the most literal and humorless way imaginable:


Although we've unfortunately heard that terrifying laugh, there wasn't even a trace of a smile in evidence on this occasion.

The assembled media throng was certainly amused as they listened to the machine lay it all down for them.


Kawhi is changing the way we communicate, for good or ill.

Oh, and there was the matter of that game-sealing block:


Dude doesn't even blink.