Jake Arrieta Threatens to Scramble the Brains of Todd Frazier

Published on 7-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Jake Arrieta Threatens to Scramble the Brains of Todd Frazier

The Phillies and Mets may not practice the most aesthetically pleasing brand of baseball, but they usually put on quite the show when playing each other.

The NL East best buds hooked up this weekend in New York, and things became predictably contentious, particularly between the onery Jake Arrieta and amateur magician Todd Frazier.

Arrieta was having some issues in regard to pitch location, a problem that gently touched Frazier in an interesting fifth inning.

Fortunately, we have moving pictures of the incident:


Of course, that was an off-speed pitch that drifted into Frazier's personal space, but he seemed unhappy nonetheless.


After Frazier was asked to leave, Jake plunked yet another Met two batters later, raising the ire of the doomed Mickey Callaway.



The silver lining here is the ejection gave Mickey more time to craft articulate statements for the local media.


Defying all logic and reason, the Mets actually did respond to this nonsense in a positive way, beating Arrieta and the Phillies, 6-5, with the help of three runs in that wacky fifth inning.

Of course, the real fun began after the game, when Jake was questioned about the histrionics of Frazier:


Hmmm, some may perceive this as a threat, something MLB tends to frown upon.


And here's the requisite Frazier retort:


Sadly, we might not get a sequel to Arrieta v Frazier, as the former Cy Young winner is experiencing some elbow stuff.


Meanwhile, the Mets remain appointment viewing, for all the wrong reasons.