The Mets Have Now Resorted to Killing Their Ex-Players

Published on 30-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Mets Have Now Resorted to Killing Their Ex-Players

Obviously, the present state of the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club doesn't justify a celebration, unless you're some sort of dysfunction fetishist.

The Mets seem to be aware of how ridiculous they are, so the organization recently reached into the past and realized it was the 50th anniversary of a successful season.

Indeed, the 1969 Metropolitans were good at baseball and deserving of a formal acknowledgement, if only to distract fans from the smoldering wreckage of the 2019 team.

Sadly, they couldn't even do this properly.


Members of the Miracle Mets still willing to be publicly associated with the organization were honored on the field, and some who couldn't be there, including former ace Tom Seaver, were acknowledged as well.


Okay, that's fine.

In addition, an Academy Awards-style homage to deceased players from that team played on the video board.

That's when things went horribly awry.


Just wow.


Somehow, the organization was able to distill the Mets experience into one bumbling moment.

Even Jim Gosger, who is in fact still alive despite his former team trying to murder him, couldn't resist taking a shot.


Meanwhile, back on the field, the Mets have apparently broken Mike Francesa after pissing a game away in Philly.


Good times.