Tottenham Playing Out the String

Published on 13-May-2016 by srijan213

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Tottenham Playing Out the String

There's such as thing as being out of gas, and then there's being emotionally spent.

Tottenham Hotspur had plenty in the tank all season long, but the futility of constantly chasing a team of destiny clearly took its toll.

Especially in the way the die was finally cast.

Reality seems to have hit hard.

Well, at least they're in Europe.

So in Europe, in fact, that the only incentive Spurs have is love of the game.

But at White Hart Lane, Southampton loved it more. To the tune of 1-2 more.

If nothing else, Heung-Min Son is on a mini-roll, notching his second goal in as many matches:

Clever move, dude, but not as clever as a fox.

The Saints didn't stay down for long:

Steven Davis definitely isn't intimidated by the Spurs.

Then, dude silenced the crowd with this winner:

Nothing left for Spurs to do but pick up another paycheck and glide through Week 38.

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