Premiership Titans Still Have Top Four to Play For

Published on 10-May-2016 by srijan213

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Premiership Titans Still Have Top Four to Play For

All sorts of races are taking place in football this time of year.

As of this moment, nine teams are still in the race for Champions League and Europa League berths.

Premiership standings

So, the air was thick with tension at the Etihad when Manchester City hosted Arsenal in a fight for Champions League assurance.

However, in anticlimatic fashion, the match played out to an epic 2-2 draw.

The season-spent gladiators from both teams picked themselves up and brandished their weapons for this one.

City mounted the first scoring thrust as Sergio Agüero capped the build-up:

This is why dude's one of the best strikers in the world. Out of nowhere.

Arsenal came straight back, though, as Olivier Giroud sniped one perfectly:

Seems like the Gunners always need a push to start showing urgency.

Kevin de Bruyne has already confirmed his worth, and he's now proving himself a gem of a deal:

A solo goal to remember.

Arsenal deployed one of its favorite tactics -- the one-two game -- to level the proceedings as Alexis Sanchez did the honors:

When all was said and done, it was a worthy clash of titans. The only thing missing was an appearance by Steve Reeves.