Five-Star Barça Hit Six

Published on 9-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Five-Star Barça Hit Six

Real Madrid were hoping their La Liga rivals would match them, slip up for slip up, but the denizens of Camp Nou don’t slip much at all, do they?

Barcelona destroyed Rayo Vallecano, 6-1.

It's not a surprise that Barça won against a lower-level club like Los Franjirrojos. But how they've done it is impressive. Safe to day Barça's their daddy: 37 goals scored to just a pair allowed in the last four seasons. Yowza!

Yesterday's six-goal show began with repentant vampire Luis Suárez:

Anfield must be surely missing such finishing, with thos wishful thoughts coming courtesy of Mr Balotelli.

Next, Gerrard Piqué completed the formality of a tap-in, thanks to the rebound from a lofty header.

Four Vallecano players slid but couldn’t stop it. How would they stop Messi, then?

Well, they didn't.

Lionel Messi shifted into god mode and won the match ball in just under 12 minutes.

Ronaldo isn't the only one who can score from the spot, dude.

And even his tap-ins look good:

There's something to be said for right place, right time not being a coincidence.

And then came a goal worthy of the match ball:

Classic Messi.

Looks like Suárez got his teeth into learning from the little master himself, as he imitated Messi’s third goal:

Equally impressive. Possibly even to the Galacticos.