Blancos Blindsided by Bilbao

Published on 8-Mar-2015 by srijan213

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Blancos Blindsided by Bilbao

League leading Real Madrid were handed a shocking 1-0 defeat by Athletic Bilbao, throwing the title race wide open for Barcelona.

Looks like the epidemic that took down the Premiership has found its way to La Liga. Usually, one wouldn't bet against Real in such encounter, so odds are the bookmakers's kids just got their college funds topped off. Let's just say they pulled a Manchester United on this day.

Maybe the Galacticos were on low beam or something. Did they think the trendy Basque side was beneath motivation? It was still a high-profile occasion. Hell, the vaunted BBC was there, so the world was on hand. What else did they need?

The only goal of the game -- by Bilbao’s Aritz Aduriz Zubeldia -- was a worthy winner against the leaders.

Left both the defense and the keeper stunned. Maybe he’s watching too much Cristiano Ronaldo.

So now it's on Barça. The chase just got hot. Surely, they don’t belong there.

El Clasico just got spicier.