English Depth Sinks Wales at Euro 2016

Published on 17-Jun-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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English Depth Sinks Wales at Euro 2016

No one in Group B is going quietly.

Although, UEFA hopes certain segments of English and Russian fans would.

To date, Slovakia couldn't keep level with Wales but made the most of it when Russia's defense decided to resemble a convention of garden gnomes.

And the Welsh damn near picked up precious points before the England called upon its bench to douse the Dragon with a couple of late markers, posting a 2-1 lifesaver.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Gareth Bale is the principality's heart and soul.

Dude put Wales in charge of this match with a free kick just before the half that seemed to be coming from Llanelli:

Earlier, Harry Kane thought a Welsh fly half had sneaked into the Dragon D.

Maybe he did.

England v Wales handball claim

But according to the referee, maybe he didn't.

So, it wasn't until an exasperated Roy Hodgson decided to go to his bench in the second half before England hit twine.

Kane and Raheem Sterling were replaced by Jamie Vardy and Daniel Sturridge. Suffice it to say the beleaguered English manager backed into a stroke of brilliance.

Leicester City's golden boy squared the scoreboard with this strike in the 56th minute:

Sometimes, right-time-right-place goals just sound better in Spanish.

This fairly represented the run of play throughout the second half, but credit Wales for shutting down most of England's attempts to finish.

Until the first minute of time added on:

Damn. It should be noted that England's a rugby power, too.

Sturridge may have a new future in the off-season. That is, if football ever has an off-season.

All he cares about right now, though, is a date with Slovakia on Mon 20 Jun. A draw puts them through.

Wales, on the other hand, has permutations.

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