Slovakia Turns Up the Heat on Russia

Published on 17-Jun-2016 by srijan213

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Slovakia Turns Up the Heat on Russia

Could be UEFA won't have to kick the Russians out of Euro 2016.

Slovakia may have done it for them.

Those fightin' Falcons surprised everyone with a 2-1 victory over the Group B contenders touted to have a solid shot at advancing deep in the tournament.

So the Russians' disqualification isn't all that's suspended right now.

Euro 2016 Group B standings

Russia's EuroFollies are clearly trending downward. They barely scraped a point against England and now they've tripped over Slovakia.

The Repre Slovenskí sokoli, on the other hand, showed why football is a wonderful game.

Vladimir Weiss popped the opener when the Russian defense decided to take a nap:

Perhaps these dudes are ripe for a conversion to rugby.

Marek Hamšik then netted an absolute stunner:

No keeper in the world could have saved that.

So, at that point, Russia's national side may have two nicknames -- Медведи (Bears) and Золотые орлы  (Golden Eagles) -- but the Slovaks had two goals.


However, in the too-little-too-late portion of the match, Denis Glushakov created his own Euro 2016 memory:

Group B's race now comes down to Mon 20 Jun when Wales meets Russia and the Slovaks play England.

All are still in the picture for advancement, but odds of a cold football winter in the Motherland are looking rather firm.

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