2018, 2022 World Cup Prep: Same As It Ever Was

Published on 5-Aug-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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2018, 2022 World Cup Prep: Same As It Ever Was

You woulda thought the Qatar foreign minister had just been traded by the Philadelphia Eagles.

That race card came outa his pocket pretty damn quick.

Khalid al-Attiyah has apparently been given his country's role as counter-bitcher to the worldwide criticism surrounding Qatar's shenanigans with the 2022 World Cup.

Some parties cannot digest that a small, Arabic state ... is hosting such an event,
as if our region, our Arab region is not entitled to have such an event.

No, dude. Some parties cannot digest that the stadium construction workers' death toll to date makes it look like the Islamic State is the contractor:

World Cup construction workers death toll

Besides World Cup bids, here's what the unlimited budgets of oligarchs buy:

Race card that.

Meanwhile, a week earlier, the Grand Bastard of FIFA wandered up to St Petersburg to visit Russia's Wannabe Czar to keep the 2018 sham-o-rama moving forward:

All that was missing was Blatter's announcement that FIFA's office were moving to the Kremlin and all dissenting nations would be invaded.

However, FIFA's not due to hold its special election until 26 Feb 2016. There's still time.