Blatter Gets Badder; Claims He Didn't Resign

Published on 26-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Blatter Gets Badder; Claims He Didn't Resign

There are some dudes you just don't want to see leaving the spotlight.

Some who draw raves when they reconsider and return.

Some whose body of work gives joy when they return.

James Brown embodied this perfectly.

Sepp Blatter doesn't.

Dude's clearly testing the atmosphere with each passing week, and as more of his sychophants crawl out from under their various rocks in the wake of the FIFA arrests -- thinking the long arm of the law won't be reaching for them -- his backtracking continues to get bolder.

Now this, from the Swiss publication Blick:

Blick on Blatter

And there's nothing lost in the translation:

I will not resign!

That bald proclamation removed the cloak of intent from Blatter's apparently crafted weasel words on that joyous day when he announced that he was putting himself and his office "in the hands of the FIFA congress."

Seems like a good number of those hands are still outstretched, waiting to receive more cash-crammed envelopes.

What's it gonna take to drive a figurative wooden stake through this dude's craven heart?

More sponsorship pressure would help. So would intensifying the threat of a UEFA breakaway from FIFA.

Where's Marv when you really need him?