Jágr's Record 1888th NHL Point a Full-Body Feat

Published on 23-Dec-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Jágr's Record 1888th NHL Point a Full-Body Feat

Consider all that goes in to making an event like this possible, such as:

Put them all together with a few more bells and whistles, and 44-year-old Jaromír Jágr  moves into second place on the NHL's list of all-time point scorers:

Was Jágr actually thinking about melting down that gold stick? Talk about giving it a once-over.

Considering he's earned enough cash over his career to be a one-man Czech GNP, odds are it'll remain the same shape and be well-positioned in his trophy case.

As exceptional as Jágr is, even he acknowledges that he'll never catch Wayne Gretzky.

Not even if he plays until he gets into Gordie Howe range.

Incidentally, the Panthers lost to Boston, 3-1, and Jágr's been around long enough to rue the result over living in the moment. After all, he knew he'd get to the No 2 level sooner or later. Those two points in the NHL Atlantic, though, were lost forever.

The butt-sist was a fitting way to ascend, though. It underscores his transformation in playing style. Back in the day, Jágr scored with speed. Now, it's strength in close quarters that keeps him on the ice.

That, and the fact that he'll post quite a few more for the Panthers, who need every one of them they can get.