Popless Panthers Deal for Ageless Jágr

Published on 27-Feb-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Popless Panthers Deal for Ageless Jágr

It's not every day a player is traded to a franchise that's younger than he is.

But since that player is Jaromír Jágr, age is not a major consideration.

Dude's a conditioning machine. This Czech institution who wears No 68 to honor the Prague Spring was not only born to play hockey, he lives for playing hockey and orchestrates his daily regimen year-round so he can keep playing hockey.

And of all things, he had to go to South Florida to have another shot at playoff hockey.

Incidentally, what's the NHL doing to this team? Scheduling a seven-game homestand for a franchise that's as attendance-challenged as Florida? That's a lotta dosh for even diehard fans to lay out between paydays.

Putting it mildly, this squad needs playoff buzz and revenues.

Jagr Panther jersey

And popping an average of 2.28 goals per game isn't gonna cut it. Going into Saturday's game -- with Jágr in uniform -- the Panthers' scoring pace is 25th in the league. Roberto Luongo is at the top of his game, but he's had zero margin for error.

So, while preliminary career obituaries are written year after year, Jágr continues to defy them. Now his immortal skills are needed where the mythical Fountain of Youth is located.

Contrary to legend, Ponce de León never sought it. But the Panthers think they've now got the dude who found it.