Ready for Lift-Off: Johnson Puts the J in J-E-T-S

Published on 16-Apr-2014 by Towner Park

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Ready for Lift-Off: Johnson Puts the J in J-E-T-S

Let the New York Jets fans rejoice.

Well, for now, anyway.

Today is the day when Chris Johnson, former Tennesee Titan and notable cheetah racer, was signed to a 2-year, $8million deal, including some built-in incentives.

And no, one was not getting a rematch with the cheetah:

Considering the Jets were the only NFL franchise who showed significant interest in the running back, this is exactly where many NFL analysts predicted he would land.

Johnson has a lot of mileage on that body of his. Still relatively young, at a spry 28 years old, he's hauled the ball over 1,700 times through his six-year career and has had over 270 receptions. He's been the lone workhorse for the Titans, who have relied heavily on the run, given the electricity that Johnson provides in the backfield.

However, a disgruntled Johnson was perturbed about the Titans' offensive line and inability to be relevant. 

Time for the inevitable NFL divorce.

Enter the New York Jets.

After Johnson was released, New York swooped in and had a meeting with the former All-Pro. The Jets, in desperate need to revamp their offense and provide it with some much-needed firepower, decided to acquire Johnson after signing Micheal Vick and Eric Decker.

This trio of studs should immediately help with improving the Jets' offense. Vick, who provides Coach Rex Ryan with leadership and experience, will assist in the progression of Geno Smith. Decker provides stability with the receiving corps, and Johnson should provide the Jets with a spark in the backfield. He still has that long-run capability that shouldn't fade anytime soon. And now, he won't be doing that against the Jets anymore.

Yes, the Jets now have a three-headed monster at the running back position. Chris Ivory, Bilal Powell, and now Chris Johnson will split the carries. This production management will ultimately help all three maximize their opportunities. Barring injury, each of these backs should be refreshed and ready to be called upon at a moment's notice. Given the strides the Jets have made in the rushing game last year, adding Johnson should only improve that progression.

Johnson should help in aiding the Jets' ascension, and why wouldn't he? The guy won't be seeing any big cats once he breaks into the secondary.