LA Braces for an NFL Invasion

Published on 5-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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LA Braces for an NFL Invasion

Here's the irony:

Here's the hell of it: All three teams grew disenchanted with Tinseltown in one form or another and put it in their respective rear-view mirrors.

And, now, officially, all three bad pennies are angling to return:

The current owners involved can put whatever rationale they fancy on their motives, but the only hurdle between them and the future they see in Los Angeles is their peers.

The only question, then, is the percentage of fellow bloodsuckers who actually consent. That sifting process begins on Wed-Thu 6-7 Jan in New York in three NFL committees:

Not included in those titles, but obvious, is the key word: inevitable.

When all is said and done, whether or not the future in LA this time around is any more long-term than it was the last time for these three franchises, the hard fact is -- with this crowd -- it doesn't really matter.

There will always be somewhere else.