NFL to Relocation Targets: We'll Call You ... Sometime

Published on 15-Sep-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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NFL to Relocation Targets: We'll Call You ... Sometime

Well, it works for grand juries and fraternity pledges.

So why wouldn't the NFL poobahs decide they don't need to hear from the parties whose fate hangs in their balance?

That means their October meetings will be city-free, leaving San Diego, St Louis, and Oakland to ponder ever more deeply the consequences of corporate extortion.

The end game, of course, is who gets to shift a franchise to the USA's second-largest market.

The Carson City Council is on board with public funding and is targeting the Raiders and/or Chargers:

Kajillionaire and Rams owner Stan Kroenke already owns land in Inglewood and is proceeding full speed ahead:

Meanwhile, the City of St Louis is playing the PR card, figuring it will raise the dosh sooner or later:

San Diego is trying to pierce The Shield's inner circles through the side door, hiring architects with NFL gravitas. It joins a muddled scene that includes this one out on the periphery:

And Oakland is going stripped-down basic, as they have more sporting issues than just the Raiders:

Oakland sports complex

Ironically, the franchise that was awarded because other cities at the time couldn't get their act together continues to evade the conversation directly. But Jacksonville's Jaguars do hit the radar screen as becoming the league's hermit crab. In their situation, the Jags should be chuffed that someone actually wants them. It'd be a novel experience.

Just like the NFL owners making a fan-friendly decision.