Is Kerry Rhodes Kim Kardashian's Baby Daddy?

Published on 17-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Is Kerry Rhodes Kim Kardashian's Baby Daddy?

This Kerry Rhodes story gets stranger and stranger each time we talk about it.

As we reported, Rhodes is fighting gay rumors from a former assistant named 'Hollywood' who claims he and Rhodes had an ongoing relationship and has the pictures to prove it. 

But this story has once again taken a strange turn. According to reports, Rhodes is apparently  telling some of his NFL buddies that he was with Kim Kardashian too while she was with Kanye West and saying this could be his baby.

We all know Kim Kardashian has been around -- just ask Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries -- but if you saw the pictures of Rhodes and Hollywood, you'd know this is probably a lie.

And that's what Rhodes' friends are saying. This is a bad attempt on his part to start a rumor in order to take the public's eye off his sexuality, and what better person to use than Kim K?

Problem is, we've yet to see pics of Kardashian and Rhodes together, but we have seen him with Hollywood in a lot of compromising positions, so if you need circumstantial evidence that Rhodes is probably not the father, there it is. 

But hey, if Rhodes wants to drag this out, he can always go on Maury Povich.

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