Family Outing? More Photos of Rhodes and His Buddy Surface

Published on 15-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Family Outing? More Photos of Rhodes and His Buddy Surface

OK, it really is time for the NFL to take a hint from the NHL.

Just say that they're fine with the gay thing.

Maybe then the salacious stories will make way for some real sports news.

As we reported last week, former New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes came out -- so to speak -- with a statement about his sexuality when intimate photos of him and his former 'assistant' came to light on a gossip site.

Well, Rhodes might have to do even more damage control this week. The same website that posted photos of him and his assistant has posted even more intimate pics of the pair together, and of course, they're going viral.

Rhodes' ex-aide, who goes by 'Hollywood,' is -- according to reports -- an openly gay man.

The new pictures that have surfaced show Rhodes and 'Hollywood' hugging, and in one picture in particular, Rhodes looks as if he is kissing the guy.

Rhodes can deny all he wants, but these pictures, especially the new ones that have come out, are telling a different story.

I understand that your private life is your private life, but it seems someone is trying to drag the NFL star out of the closet whether he's in there or not.

How ridiculous is this?

First of all, the NFL -- like the NHL -- is loaded with manly men. If a gay teammate did anything unwanted, from staring to stalking, those dudes would be the first to deal with it in a manly man kind of way. Have there been any incidents in the history of pro sports where locker room escapades broached the 'gay thing?' Don't think so. The inference, then, should be the likes of Rhodes and Slash Stewart (who is also hearing hints and innuendoes) are conducting themselves like normal teammates should.

That's because they're normal teammates, for chrissakes!

How long have female reporters been allowed in locker rooms now? There have been a handful of inappropriate incidents, and they were handled swiftly and surely. What's to think the same wouldn't be true with inappropriate gay incidents if any ever occurred? And what's to think they would all of a sudden start now?

The annals of sports history already contain an impressive list of notable gay athletes. Don't see anyone on it who's disgraced their game.

It's just damn time to get over it and move on.