Buffalo Bills Add More Punch to Their Defense

Published on 12-Aug-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Buffalo Bills Add More Punch to Their Defense

No one's ever accused Rex Ryan of letting any air outa his balls.

Dude assaults political correctness with more gravitas than Donald Trump could ever dream.

Football -- like most sports -- isn't for shrinking violets, and Ryan's assembling a bouquet in full bloom in upstate New York.

And now, Ryan brings in another wayward soul who thought he shoulda been paid what he fronted.

Somewhere, Al Davis is beaming.

Who'd have thought anyone would consider Rex Ryan to be a breath of fresh air? But there he is, actually acting much more human toward athletes who live perilously close to the edge of everyday reality than the league's pond-scum poobahs, for whom everyday reality has long since lost its meaning.