Bruce Arians Isn't in His Happy Place

Published on 3-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Bruce Arians Isn't in His Happy Place

Bruce Arians has been better.

The red-faced leader of the Arizona Cardinals has had a bit of a rough stretch lately.

First of all, his team isn't playing particularly well.

The Cards entered this season as a popular favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

However, they've grossly underachieved to the tune of 3-4-1 at the midway point of the season.

Not so good.

Arians has been frustrated with a number of things this season, including his club's comically bad kicking game.

Cards right leg-swinger Chandler Catanzaro has missed two potential game-winning kicks, including a 24-yard attempt in overtime during that epic fail of a tie against the Seahawks a few weeks ago.

Arians clearly has little patience for the fragile psyche of an NFL kicker.

Dude recently offered a rather tepid vote of confidence for Catanzaro while at the same time suggesting his kicker should simply 'kick it through the two poles'. He also mused that if his kicker had followed this simple formula, Arizona would be 5-2.

Not exactly subtle.

This past week in Carolina, the Cardinals absorbed quite the beat down at the hands of Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Part of the reason included an early Carson Palmer fumble being returned for a touchdown.

However, it turns out this was no fumble at all and was actually an incomplete forward pass.


How do we know this?

Well, the officials told Arians at halftime.

When the play occurred, all that expensive replay equipment had malfunctioned. Therefore, the play wasn't reviewed.

Imagine how Arians felt about this development.

Keep your chin up, dude.

You'll find that happy place soon.