Now, Purdue Dumps Their Head Coach

Published on 16-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Now, Purdue Dumps Their Head Coach

The college coaching carousel is operating yet again.

This time the victim was another Power Five conference coach. Purdue head dude Darrell Hazell was banished from West Lafayette.

The virtue of the mid-season firing is debated every time a head rolls.

In the case of Hazell, there appeared to be precious little progress being made, on the field anyway.

Hazell finishes up with a record of 9-33, which is really not good at all.

Adding to the indignity, the now unemployed coach is, statistically speaking, the absolute worst head coach in school history.

Dude may not want to feature that fun little info nugget on his résumeé.

An unofficial count has it at three head honchos who've been rudely shown the door so far this season, with FIU's Ron Turner and LSU's Les Miles being the others.

Again, sometimes a change is necessary, but if a dude gets the ax in September or October, one has to wonder if the change could've been made in the previous off-season.

Speaking of Miles, speculation has already begun about the Mad Hatter taking over at Purdue.

Oh please, let this be true.