NCAA Week 4: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 28-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 4: Good Snark, Bad Snark

The hype was right.

Many were billing the LSU-Auburn game as the Or Else Bowl, brought to you by Booster Funded Buyouts.

The early line had Gus Malzahn as the favorite, based on his number of $13,795,000.

So this one was for more than the proverbial love of the game. However, Auburn did love it more, especially when the referees and replay dudes went with the alternate ending:

Yes. Yes, they did.

And Les Miles is done like dinner in the land of voodoo, dudes and dudettes.

Sooner or later, though, Miles will be on to greener -- or bluer, maybe? -- pastures, corn-dog free and, hopefully, high in fiber with no artificial additives.

Good Snark: Dr Jekyl & Mr Bucky ... OK, Georgia State was a trap game, but title contenders had best rise above such near-foibles. The Badgers re-discovered their rumbling selves in time to steamroll Sparty.

Yeah, since when dinosaurs walked the Earth.

And they've got a shot at two more, with Michigan this weekend and Ohio State on Sat 15 Oct after a bye to recharge.

Did anyone ever doubt that this is what a Paul Chryst Big Ten team would look like?

Dudes could be this year's Iowa in the up-for-grabs Western Division.

Bad Snark: Duck Downer ... They're starting to notice the erosion in Oregon. As mentioned last week, the serial signings of free-agent seniors is a sure sign of recruiting weakness.

Another is when an alleged non-contender comes to Autzen, dresses like Oregon, plays like Oregon and then goes dynamic to seal the deal:

The Quackers definitely chose the right clown costume uniform theme for this one. With the likes of Stanford and Washington on the horizon, dudes might want to light a bonfire.

Good Snark: This beats the hell out of a gold watch ... Jim Grobe worked minor miracles keeping Wake Forest competitive for most of his 13 seasons there, and that included three straight bowl appearances -- eight in all -- in 2006-2008. Dude was one of those coaches well respected by his peers but always overshadowed by the ACC's flashier programs.

Now, dude's got a bit of talent to deploy on Saturdays.

Just ask a certain group of Cowboys:

Baylor's admins finally did something right. Grobe's still adjusting to the glare of pigskin perspectives in Texas as opposed to Tobacco Road, but this is a much better way for him to cap an admirable career.

Bad Snark: Mythbuster ... Ever wonder how long it took poll voters to finally realize that Army and Navy weren't football powers anymore?

Ever wonder if they'll get the hint that Knut Rockne isn't coaching Notre Dame anymore and Ronald Reagan was working from a script of an incident that probably never happened?

If George Gipp ever said that, it was because he was the team's bookie, and a good one.

Who knows? Dude mighta even been sharp enough to pierce Notre Dame's veneer of myth and take the points against Duke.

Snarkalicious: Speaking of chalk ... Stanford went off at -3 on the road against UCLA and found themselves down, 13-9, with just under seven minutes to play. Dog players were surely pleased, as it'd take two scores to beat them.