Missouri Wideout Won't Face Charges; Alleged Victim Does Tiger Coaches No Favors

Published on 10-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Missouri Wideout Won't Face Charges; Alleged Victim Does Tiger Coaches No Favors

As we reported recently, Missouri wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham was suspended indefinitely by head coach Gary Pinkel.

Now, we know the reason why.

Green-Beckham apparently assaulted his girlfriend's roommate, although she didn't press charges.

There's potentially bigger news, though. It may be that the Tiger coaching staff asked the girlfriend to talk to her friend about not pressing charges because of the damage it could do to Green-Beckham's career. If true, this could be construed as obstruction of justice.

Tiger's beat reporter David Morrison leaked the text messages between the two roommates about Green-Beckham.

Morrison tweet 1

Morrison tweet 2

Explosive stuff from Columbia, but here's the caveat about getting news in 140-character bursts:

Morrison tweet 3

So, who talked to whom here?

Did Green-Beckham's girlfriend just implicate the Mizzou coaching staff, or was she embellishing her plea by repeating something Green-Beckham told her by falsely attributing it to her having direct contact with the coaches?

Let's brass-tack this scenario for a moment. She's the girlfriend of a wideout who could go high whenever he enters the NFL draft. That begets cash; bundles of it. If she can stick it out as his girlfriend for that long -- and as Colin Kaepernick is the latest to show, that's a crapshoot --  she'll be upgrading her station in life, too.

The Columbia heat was ready to file first-degree assault charges, based on testimony and physical evidence. The only thing that prevented them from doing so was lack of cooperation from the alleged victim and witnesses. It's the new omerta.

If she put the coaches on Front Street, that's all the more reason there's no way I can see Pinkel letting this kid back on the team, especially with proof now that -- charges or not -- he may have assaulted two women.

Of course Pinkel himself was arrested in 2011 for a DWI and was allowed to coach again, so you never know.

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