Manziel Undraftable? Some Say Yes

Published on 13-Feb-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel Undraftable? Some Say Yes

The debate continues among NFL experts on whether or not Johnny Manziel will be a good NFL player.

Some even question if he is draftable at all. 

Once such person is NFL Films producer Greg Cosell, who wondered if Manziel should even be drafted, especially after the way he looked at the end of the 2013 football season.

"He played two games this year, LSU and Missouri, [and] if those were the first two games you put on and watched, you'd say he was almost undraftable," Cosell said. "He was so bad in those two games that you'd struggle to figure out, 'can I even draft this guy?'"

Now to cut Johnny Football some slack, he was going against two of the best defenses in the country, which may explain why he struggled. But still, this is the NFL we're taking about, and the defenses there will be bigger and tougher than the SEC.

Which is why some NFL experts are wondering if Manziel can cut it in the NFL.

"I've studied him maybe the hardest, because he's maybe the most polarizing player. As you evaluate and transition him, there is a wide variation in his play. So there is a consistency issue," Cosell added.

"At times, he's shown very strong flashes of structured pocket play that clearly projects to the NFL. So I think it will come down to how you balance these issues. He's much more of a see-it, throw-it quarterback than an anticipation thrower. He's not really a timing and anticipation thrower on film."

Yeah, right. Kind of like this loose cannon:

And it sounds like Cosell would tell you this dude would never get your team to the Super Bowl:

Mind you, Wilson had the good fortune of coming to a team with a solid offensive line. Tarkenton played on an expansion team and had to buy time to make a play work. It's quite possible Manziel will have the same challenge as Tarkenton if he goes high in the draft, as voices who disagree with Cosell believe.

If so, he'd better be more like a Hall of Famer than a button-down target, and he can do that:

Johnny Football is going to get drafted, and maybe Cosell should expand his sample size to include a couple of Alabama games and even a Duke game to understand the reasons why.