Johnny Football Leads the Aggies to Victory in the Chik-fil-A Bowl

Published on 5-Jan-2014 by Towner Park

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Johnny Football Leads the Aggies to Victory in the Chik-fil-A Bowl

If this was the last time we saw Johnny Manziel as a college player, we were certainly treated to quite the show.

His performance was spectacular.

His confidence was indestructible.

And his composure was unbreakable.

On 31 December 2013, Johnny Football left one last footprint on the college football scene. If he declares for the 2014, NFL draft -- and that cat's already out of the bag -- no one will be surprised. Despite all the questions surrounding his character, Manziel was on point in the 2013 Chik-fil-A Bowl and rallied his Texas A&M Aggies from a 21-point deficit to top the Duke Blue Devils, 52 to 48.

The Aggies defense seemed lost at times, which allowed Duke to go up, 38-17, at halftime. In the end, the Blue Devils tallied 661 total yards against the Aggies putrid defense, but two costly Duke turnovers allowed Manziel the opportunity to lead his team to victory.

Only misfiring on eight passes, Manziel's performance was unreal. He not only threw for four touchdowns but gracefully picked apart the Dookies' once competitive defense with ease to the tune of 382 yards passing and 73 yards rushing. He even added one touchdown on the ground.

Manziel accounted for two critical touchdowns in the fourth quarter, and the Aggies defense suprisingly came up big with a monster 55-yard pick-six, which allowed the Aggies to take a 52-48 lead with 3:33 to play. He also added to his personal highlight reel:

After the game, Manziel was too coy to speculate on his immediate future. He was content to focus only on this game.

Projected as a first-rounder this spring, Manziel's next appearance will be on a pro workout day, presumably with no props to juke around or leap over. He's already proven he can do that.