Is Mack Brown Leaving Texas? Not Anytime Soon

Published on 11-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Is Mack Brown Leaving Texas? Not Anytime Soon

The Mack Brown watch is on.

Long-time Texas head coach Mack Brown is on the hot seat this season, fighting for his job. Since their national championship run back in 2009, the Longhorns have struggled over the past few years to even get to a bowl game. 

Even before the season started, there were Longhorn fans who wanted Brown gone. One even went as far as putting up a website asking for Texas officials to go after Alabama head coach Nick Saban after the 2013 season.

Some think it would be that easy. But as our friend Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast, my friend."

First all, Brown has a long-term contract, meaning he is going to be there for a while. The buyout Texas would owe him is in the millions.

Yes, they could pay it, but how much will they have left to offer the next guy?

And that's the next question, who would want to be the new head coach?

Saban seems to be happy in Tuscaloosa; would he want to move again at his age? Just as relevant, would his wife want to move again, especially from Tuscaloosa?

Chris Peterson of Boise State has been offered several high profile jobs over the years and has chosen to stay put.

So who does that leave?

Well, Will Muschamp, who was at one point the coach-in-waiting while he was at Texas and is now at Florida. But would he be willing to turn his back on the Gators and return to Austin? Not without a big contract, he won't.

But most importantly, the decision may come down to Mack Brown himself. From the looks and sounds of it, the Longhorn officials' hands are tied by those buyout terms, so it will be up to him and not them if he stays or goes.

Ask Florida State about that long, painful process with Bobby Bowden.

So in short, buckle up, Longhorn fans. This might be a long ride.

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